Emily Innes

Emily Innes

Bsc Dietetics


Emily loves her work as a dietitian because she is passionate about helping people restore a healthy relationship with food and with their bodies. She has received specialized training and done extensive reading to equip her to help people who are battling with emotional eating and disordered eating including overeating, binge eating, anorexia and bulimia.

Emily’s other area of expertise is in the dietary management of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes; dietary management of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome; and nutrition for women’s health, specifically around fertility, pregnancy, and lactation.

After completing a B.Sc. in Dietetics through Stellenbosch University in 2009, Emily worked as a dietician at a hospital in the Eastern Cape for her community service year. She returned to Cape Town in 2011 and opened her own private practice in a medical centre in Pinelands, Cape Town. In addition she does twice-weekly sessions at the Diabetes Centre at Claremont Life Hospital and works at an academic research unit at Tygerberg Hospital helping children with HIV. She is also involved in running monthly Wellness Days in gyms. Emily has presented numerous radio talks and has contributed to articles in magazines such as Women’s Health and Fair Lady. Emily frequently presents talks to high schools, women’s groups, corporates and gyms. Emily is an active member of the Association of Dieticians South Africa (ADSA) and regularly attends ADSA meetings to stay up-to-date with the latest nutrition information.

Aside from work, Emily enjoys running, surfing, Pilates, travelling, being in nature, and most of all spending time with her husband, family and friends.

Contact Details

Region: Western Cape, Pinelands and Claremont
Phone: 084 209 1156
Email: info@emilydietitian.co.za
Website: www.emilydietitian.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/emilydietician