Alison Lang

Alison Lang

Bsc Post Grad Dip Dietetics


Alison is a dietitian who has practiced almost exclusively in paediatrics in both South Africa and the UK for the last 17 years. She has extensive experience in infant and child nutrition and sees both well and sick children. Alison consults from the Donald Gordon Medical Centre in Parktown.

As part of her practice Alison is regularly asked to be involved in teaching in infant and child nutrition. Her audience ranges from new mothers, nursery school children to dietitians and paediatricians.

Her services include:

  • Individual consultations to parents, infants and children. She can offer a range of advice from normal infant nutrition to specialised advice for different paediatric diseases.
  • Lecturing on Infant Nutrition
  • Writing infant and child related nutrition articles
  • Advising companies on nutrition information



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Contact Details

Region: Gauteng (Alison Lang Johannesburg paediatric dietitian)
Address: Donald Gordon Medical Centre, 18 Eton Road, Parktown, Johannesburg
Phone: 072 449 7425